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Premature Aging, Wrinkes & Pigmentation Easily Avoided Says Sydney Skin Care Expert

Date Added: August 05, 2010 04:46:41 AM
Author: Lisa Dankin
Category: Beauty: Skin Care

According to Sia Hendry of the Sydney clinic Laser By Sia, if Australians just wore a good mineral sunscreen daily, they could save thousands of dollars in anti aging treatments over their lifetimes. “The fact is, most of the signs of premature aging we see, such as wrinkles, sagging, age spots, freckles and pigmentation, could be avoided if we all religiously applied a sunscreen daily,” Sia says.

Sia explains that while most Australians now apply a sunscreen when going to the beach or into full sunlight, this is not when most aging occurs.
“Most of our UV exposure happens incidentally, such as on a cloudy day or while we are in the car, because we haven’t applied a sunscreen,” Sia says. “This UV exposure is called extrinsic aging or photoaging, and it causes fine wrinkles, excess skin pigmentation and leathery skin. “Most people in Sydney and across the country suffer from photaging, particularly excess pigmentation, or hyperpigmentation.” But if you have this pigmentation, there is now an effective treatment available in Sydney to get rid of pigmentation.

“Pigmentation on the face is very aging. It gives an uneven appearance to the complexion. Fortunately, new laser technology, now available in Sydney, is the best pigmentation treatment around,” Sia says.
“Using an exact wavelength of light, the alexandrite laser attaches to the melanin in your hyperpigmentation and breaks it down, for pigmentation removal right down in the dermal layers of the skin where the excess skin pigmentation originates. “This pigmentation treatment is far more effective than older laser technologies, such as IPL, as well as creams used for skin pigmentation removal. “In fact, many creams used for face and body pigmentation contain hydroquinone, a substance that is actually banned in other countries around the world because of its contra-indications.

“Laser is very effective for pigmentation on the face and the procedure itself takes only minutes, as opposed to using cream, which can take weeks or months to achieve even superficial results,” Sia says. 

Of course, if you suffer from excess pigmentation and are planning on using this new treatment in Sydney, it is very important to follow the pre and post treatment care your clinic provides, and to wear a high SPF mineral sunscreen daily, even on overcast days, to prevent the pigment from returning. “Regardless of your skin type and what anti-aging treatments you use, a sunscreen will be the best investment you will ever make in your skin,” Sia says. For more information on pigmentation treatment in Sydney, and other anti-aging information and treatments, visit the Laser By Sia website, or call 02 8323 7510.