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Should my baby be wearing cotton sleepwear?

Date Added: October 18, 2009 03:45:35 AM
Author: Elizabeth
Category: Shopping

We all know that babies and infants have tender, sensitive skin and this is why it is important to recognise any rash or itching as soon as it occurs. Here are some preventive measures you can take to avoid this common problem.

1) Always wash new clothing before it is worn and when doing the laundry, be sure to wash and rinse clothes properly to remove as much soap residue as possible. There are many brands of washing powder and liquid on the market specifically designed for sensitive skins.

2) Avoid overheating, particularly while sleeping, as hot humid environments can cause a rash to worsen. Sleepwear should be fitted and not loose to avoid friction in high heat conditions.

3) Avoid Polyesters (synthetic fibres) as irritation may be caused by the material, the dye used or the finish of the fabric.

4) If you are not sure what a garment is made from, refer to the label. If more than one fabric is listed, for example, Polyester/Cotton then the greater part of the fabric is Polyester and should be avoided.

5) Skin irritations in children should never be left untreated.

6) Opt for cotton sleepwear which allows the skin to breathe naturally. Cotton is a natural fibre capable of absorbing body moisture and drawing heat away from the skin in hot humid weather.
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