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Lease Your Equipment and Preserve Your Cash Flow

Date Added: February 17, 2009 04:46:20 PM
Author: Anonymous
Category: Finance: Mortgage Brokers

Whether you are an equipment manufacturer/dealer looking for a vendor leasing partner or a business looking to lease your equipment, Relion Finance has the equipment leasing expertise and support to help you succeed.If your company is considering an equipment purchase but would like to conserve capital, perhaps our competitive and convenient equipment leasing products are a better alternative to a cash purchase or conventional loan.Did you know that it is possible to lease equipment for your business using LOW DOC or even NO DOC finance solutions? In today's economy computers are an essential part of business. Staying on top of the latest technology is a must for any business that hopes to succeed.

Relion Finance has been a pioneer in technology and began as one of the first leasing companies to recognize the importance of the Internet and computer technologies. The speed that technology lends itself very well to leasing as up leasing helps avoid obsolescence. Consider this: a new computer system for your business may cost $20,000. Leasing the same computer system for a few hundred dollars a month allows your business to grow and you to have enough capital to purchase the upgrade.Purchasing costs and their associated budget cycles can conflict with IT changeover schedules. Factoring in the cost and timing of computer acquisition increases the complexity of IT change management. Computer leasing, as opposed to purchasing, can smooth out these cycles in addition to reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

Relion Finance was built on computer and technology leasing. If you are looking to lease computers for your business, then you have come to the right computer leasing company. At Relion Finance, we can offer you excellent computer leasing options that rival anything offered by another computer leasing company. There are many benefits that come with leasing equipment for your business. First, there are tax benefits to leasing computer equipment (which can also include software financing options), and depending on the amount of equipment you are leasing, these tax benefits can be quite lucrative. Additionally, you can benefit from always having the most current computer equipment that your business requires. When you are dealing with specific computer applications, you need to make sure that you can find a computer leasing company that will work to meet your company's needs. Working with obsolete computer equipment is not sufficient when you are working in the competitive business environment.

Software programs and hardware requirements are constantly changing. This is one of the main reasons that top computer companies prefer leasing their computer equipment with a certified computer leasing company like Access. Computer Leasing Company Tax AdvantagesIf you run a company that leases business computer equipment, then you are most likely aware of the many tax advantages that come along with it. You can write off the computer equipment you lease as a tax deduction. Another great option offered by our computer leasing program is to buy the computer equipment after your lease term has expired, at its fair market value. When you sign up for a lease, the computer equipment you lease is not constituted as a business asset or liability, but can instead be thought of as an operating expense, and one that can be written off as tax expense.

Consider us your computer leasing company of choice!If your acquisition is anywhere between $2000 and $3,000,000, we can give you the help you need. At Relion Finance we have flexible leasing options that can take into account your specific needs – from quarterly payment options to easy start-up programs – we can tailor a solution to take care of your business equipment leasing needs.

What kind of business equipment can I lease?Here are just a few of the many types of business equipment you can lease through Relion Finance: - A/V Equipment - Copiers and Fax Machines - Printing Equipment - Restaurant Equipment - Security Systems - Cars/Motor Vehicles - Office Furniture - Salon Furniture - Medical Equipment - Digital Signage - Software Packages - Telephone / Communications Systems At Relion Finance we pride ourselves on our customer service.

We can give you quick approvals, fast funding and long-term support. Please call us to discuss your business equipment leasing requirements on 1300 21 22 23 or visit our website at and request one of our helpful consultants to call you.Relion Finance - Finance You Can Rely On